How to Register Digital Signature(DSC) on MCA portal for a director?

Any person who is a Director of a Company or a Designated partner of a LLP must register DSC on MCA portal to file forms. As a Director’s or Partner’s DSC is required for filing annual returns and various other forms, its important to register the DSC on MCA portal after incorporation. In this article, we look at the procedure to register DSC on MCA portal in detail.

Step by step process to register DSC on MCA portal

Step 1: Visit the website –

Step 2: Click on MCA Services tab. Then the list of MCA services is displayed.

Step 3: Under the DSC Services, click the Associate DSC menu. The Associate DSC page is displayed.

Step 4: Select the Role in the drop-down list, select the relevant option. The Associate Director’s / Designated Partner’s authorized Representative’s DSC page is displayed.

Step 5: Select role as Director and then fill in the details.

Step 6: In the Digital Certificate field, attach your DSC.

Step 7: Click the Select Certificate button to browse and select the certificate (Please ensure that the selected DSC belongs to the applicant, whose particulars are being registered).

Step 8: Click the I agree button to agree to the declaration that details furnished are correct.

Step 9: Click the Submit button to register your DSC. Acknowledgement message is displayed.

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