I Love You More Than Words – Love Poems

Title: I Love You More Than Words

I love you more than words could ever say
And more than actions could ever show
You light up my life in every way
And your love makes my heart glow

When I am with you, I am complete
And I can feel your love surround me
You make me feel like I can defeat
Any challenge that comes before me

You are my soulmate, my partner, my friend
And I thank the stars above
For bringing us together in the end
And filling my life with love

I promise to cherish you every day
And to love you with all my heart
Together we’ll find our own way
And never be torn apart

So I say to you with all my might
That I love you more than words can express
And with you, by my side, everything is right
And our love will forever progress.

Title: My Heart is Yours

My heart beats for you, my love
With every breath that I take
I am filled with joy and wonder
By the love that we create

You are the one I cherish
My heart’s most precious gift
With you, my soul feels nourished
And my spirit takes a lift

I cannot imagine life without you
For you are my world and my reason
To wake up every morning anew
And love you through every season

Your touch ignites a fire in my soul
And your smile warms my heart
I thank the universe as a whole
For the love that we impart

My heart is yours, forevermore
And I promise to love you true
Through every trial, every door
My heart belongs to only you.

Title: Forever Yours

In your arms, I find solace
And in your eyes, I see my soul
You are the love that I cherish
And my heart is forever yours to hold

Our love is a bond unbreakable
And it grows stronger every day
With you, life is so beautiful
And my love for you will never stray

I promise to stand by your side
Through every storm and every fight
Together we’ll weather any tide
And our love will shine so bright

You are the one I adore
My heart’s greatest desire
Forever and always, I am sure
That our love will never tire

So take my hand, my love
And let’s walk this journey together
With your love as my guiding glove
Our love will last forever.