What is POV

POV stands for “point of view.” In various contexts, POV can refer to different things.

In literature, POV refers to the perspective from which a story is told. This can include first-person POV, where the narrator is a character in the story and uses “I” or “we” to tell the story; second-person POV, where the narrator uses “you” to address the reader directly; and third-person POV, where the narrator is an outside observer and uses “he,” “she,” or “they” to refer to the characters.

In film and video production, POV can refer to a camera shot that is meant to show what a character is seeing from their point of view. This type of shot is often used to immerse the viewer in the character’s experience and create a sense of immediacy.

In internet slang, POV is often used to indicate that a piece of content, such as a video or social media post, is meant to be seen from a particular point of view. For example, someone might post a video with the caption “POV: You’re on a rollercoaster.” This indicates that the viewer should imagine themselves in the situation being depicted in the video.