Renigunta to Tirumala:Bus Timings, Distance, Ticket Price, Taxi Fare

Distance between Renigunta and Tirumala: The total straight line distance Renigunta to Tirumala is 17 KM. You can Reach by 35 minutes to tirumala.

Renigunta to Tirumala Bus Timings: There are regular buses operate from Reniguntha to Tirumala via Tirupati, practically every 15 minutes. The estimated travel time from Renigunta to Tirumala by bus may vary or it will take more time than the regular time(half an hour) due to the road condition and different travel route. There are private taxis available too but the charges are not fixed and subject to bargaining.

Renigunta To Tirumala Travel Time: Travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour, can reach Tirumala in 34 minutes.

Renigunta Railway Station to Tirumala: The buses for Tirumala via tirupati available at Reniguntha Railway Station, offering connection to the most trains passing through this station. You will get a bus when your train reaches the Railway station.

Renigunta to Tirumala Taxi/Cab: 24/7 Cab services available from renigunta railway station to tirupati and tirumala at very best price. You can Book TAxi/Cab as per your convenient.

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